Thanksgiving Traditions

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house for the first time since Cooter was born. It was my 11-month-old son's first trip to see the grandparents, first long car trip, and first Thanksgiving. I call him K-bob for some unknown reason. I just started saying it when he was a month old or so and haven't stopped. (Sorry, kiddo.)

Our Thanksgiving has changed a lot in the past 10 years. When we first started out, there were two Thanksgiving meals, my family and Adam's family. Then we had two away from the family when we lived in Northern Virginia. We moved back to Georgia in 2005 and have had family Thanksgivings since, some hosted here and some hosted in Arkansas. This year we had our little family of 4, my parents and my father-in-law around the table. It was a great meal and a great time for us to focus on the blessings in our lives.

Over the next few days I'll be posting some of our favorite Traditional Thanksgiving recipes. These are the family favorites that are made each year without fail, are requested in advance and cause great angst if they aren't included (ask me later about the year there was no pecan pie).

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