The Inspiration

I've thought about blogging several times over the past few years, but it never panned out either because of time or not knowing what I'd have to say. Fast forward to October when a meal that I cooked stirred up a lot of interest following a Facebook post and some face-to-face conversations. A friend suggested I start a blog with my recipes because she's always looking for something tasty and different from her normal rotation of meals. "What's We Havin'?" was born.

Now, I normally have a very guttural reaction to improper grammar (not to say that my grammar is always perfect - please don't hold me to that standard!). Misspellings and grammar errors tend to jump off of the page and distract me from the content. Given this information, you may be wondering about the title of the blog. Simply put, I have a 3-year-old, whom I have affectionately called Cooter since he was in utero, who loves food, loves to help me cook, and loves to eat. Our conversation at breakfast often includes him asking, "Hey Mom, what's we havin' for lunch?". At lunch, or maybe after nap, he wonders, "What's we havin' for dinner?" Since my culinary adventures are the result of my desire to feed my family healthy, tasty meals that don't break the bank or take hours to prepare, it only seemed appropriate that I take that simple query as the inspiration for my blog.

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